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Mobile Game Industry

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Mobile specially the smartphones has turned into a most basic necessity of public. Smartphones has become a vital source to spend time by playing mobile games and using various apps. We have never thought how vast is the mobile game industry. But a new report has brought the fact that 2015 is the year in which the value of the mobile games market will exceed that of consoles, making it the industry's most lucrative sector. mobile games have become one of the most important digital platforms for gamers and publishers alike. mobile games market today has changed dramatically from what it was only a few years ago. It is proving that mobile gaming is increasing with a fast percentage in comparison to traditional console gaming. This industry has also been providing opportunities to all developers and game designers to develop and publish their games either individually or in a team. It has brought many career opportunities.

Game Design and Development-

It sounds good to play a game but incase of making a game it is not as easy as playing .The work on the game is a serious process . To develop a mobile game one must be skilled in handling game development engines like Unity 3d and must follow a pipeline i.e the process of developing a complete games. In CIMT, we providing a course to develop mobile games. Our expert in CIMT will thrive all the game development and design skills in a passionate learner who want to develop games. Unity 3d is the key software that we are instructing here in order to make game developers.

As it is very well known that developing game is a multi skill work. It consists of concept art, storyline, Designing, Animation and Programming languages. So We have divided our contents into this You may also make your career in any of these particular field.

1. Concept Art
2.Game Designing(Modeling and Texturing)
3. Animation(Rigging and Animation)
4.UNITY 3d Integration
5. Programming (C# / JavaScript) in Unity 3d

What are the career options after completing this course?

1.Game Designer
2.Character Designer
3. Assets Designer
4. Game Animatios
5. Unity Game Developer
6. Concept artist
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Job Roles

  • Graphic Designer
  • Visualiser
  • Associate Art Director
  • Design Project Manager

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