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Oracle training Institute in noida

Oracle10G DBA

Oracle10G DBA

Oracle training noida

Oracle Database 10g is Oracle’s revolutionary new grid offering for database administrators, which include breakthrough self-management, storage management, and clustering features. Oracle Database 10g offers many new tools that help DBAs work more efficiently (and perhaps more enjoyably), freeing them for more strategic, creative endeavors—not to mention their nights and weekends. Oracle Database 10g really is that big of a deal for DBAs.

Course Contents

Installing oracle database 10g software
Create an oracle database
Controlling the database
Storage Structures
Administering users
Managing schema objects
Managing Data :PL/SQL
Oracle Database Security
Oracle Net Services
Oracle Shared Server
Performance Monitoring
Proactive Maintenance
ObjectivesUndo Management
Monitoring and Resolving Lock Conflicts
Backup and Recovery
Database backups
Monitoring and Managing Memory

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